at the Wild Hog MC Rally Friday April 23, 2004


Lead guitar, Vocalist, Producer, Engineer, Songwriter

Jay was a charter member of The Rossington Band and Radio Tokyo.   While with The Rossington Band, Jay appeared on the Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Tour from 1987-88 and in the million-selling Lynyrd Skynyrd video movie from the tour.  He co-wrote The Rossington Band singles "Losin' Control" and "Returned To The Scene Of The Crime."  He also played guitar on the critically acclaimed LP "The Right Time," by blues diva Etta James.



Vocalist, Songwriter

Jimmy joined Molly Hatchet in 1980 as their vocalist, and performed and co-wrote with them through two years and two record albums (Beatin' The Odds and Take No Prisoners.)  Jimmy left Hatchet in 1982, and has performed since with several bands, including Section 8, opening for .38 Special.  



Lead/slide guitar

Original guitarist appearing on every recording with Molly Hatchet from 1976-1991, Duane also played on many studio sessions with such bands as Junkyard and Tuesday Knight, among others.  At a recent SRA show in Florida, Duane joined the band onstage, and in his words:  "At that point, sitting in with Jay Johnson, Charles Hart, Jakson Spires and of course Jimmy Farrar, I realized that I had been bitten once again, and I knew it was time.  I had a great time, so look out - here we come, and I AM SMILING!"



Drummer, Songwriter

As a founding member of Blackfoot, Jakson co-wrote "Highway Song" and "Fly Away" as well as all other Blackfoot material from 1975 until the original band broke up in 1986.  Jakson also performed on various studio sessions with artists such as Benny Mardones and Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy, as well as Blues legends Willie Dixon and Albert King.



Bass, Vocals, Engineer

Joining SRA in 1999, Charles has nevertheless been associated with the band from the very beginning.  He founded Cruize Control in 1986, and in 1987 joined Tempera, who appeared with Richard Marx' s first tour.  Charles then united with Jay Johnson and Radio Tokyo in 1988, and 1993 saw the release of that band's "Songscape."  As an engineer he has worked with numerous bands such as Gov't Mule, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Widespread Panic and SRA.