Helena's Trail of Tears Flag Returns
From 9/11/'s Ground Zero

Members of the Wild Hog Music Fest & Motorcycle Rally Committee show off the flag

Helena, Arkansas

When the events of 9/11 shook and shocked the world, the Trail of Tears western leg that was scheduled for 9/16 to come through Helena on its route to Oklahoma became questionable. Then the organizers of the ride became even more determined to make the event happen and become symbolic of the strength and resolve that the American people possess. The ride became a reality and during their brief lunch stop in Helena, an American flag was presented for all those present to sign. Signatures included those of Helena's Mayor, Dr. Miller, State Representative, Barbara King, members of the Wild Hog Music Fest & Motorcycle Rally, riders participating in the Trail of Tears and local volunteers and public.

Doc Bolm, a key person in the Wild Hog event and originator of the flag signing idea wanted to do more than just put this flag away with all the signatures. He started contacting police and fire departments located at or near ground zero in New York City to have the flag flown there. He was finally guided to a Harley Davidson dealership only blocks away and in sight of ground zero. The flag and its significance was explained to the managers of the dealership and they agreed to fly the flag at their dealership. Vinnie Cerroni the NYC HOG Director went even further and signed the flag on behalf of the many firefighters and policemen.. The NYC HOG chapter also carried the flag on a motorcycle ride to as near to ground zero as allowed where a photo was taken of the riders displaying the flag.

With the six month anniversary of 9/11 upon us, the flag has made its way home to Helena, Arkansas. It has been framed along with a photo of our newfound friends in New York and a letter expressing their gratitude for our caring. The flag can be seen in the newly opened King Biscuit Store at 233 Cherry Street which houses the business office of the King Biscuit Blues Festival, the KBBF store and the Sonny Boy Blues Society Museum.