Halloween is on its way, and many of you are probably thinking how to through a fantastic Halloween party. A creative costume is a must, but what would make an impression on your guests is – a dessert! And what’s the best dessert a one can get? A cupcake, of course!

Here are some great Halloween cupcake ideas you’ll hopefully enjoy!

Frankenstein Cupcakes

These are Halloween classics – and are very easy to make. You need a cupcake base that you’ll decorate with some green frosting, M&M’s and chocolate sprinkles. Don’t forget to cut the top of the filling, to even the edges of Frankenstein’s head. Additionally, you can use Reese’s cups and put it on the top of the frosting (instead of using the sprinkles).

Halloween cupcake ideasAnother way to do a Frankenstein cupcake decoration is to place a marshmallow at the top of the cupcake. Make sure you dip it into an edible green color and use chocolate ganache for the hair, eyes, and ears.

Vampire Cupcakes

Who doesn’t want to see a monster cupcake on the Halloween party? The best thing about this idea is that you have several approaches to the design, and all of them will work great. The easiest way to do a vampire cupcake is to use red frosting and white fondant: cut the fondant into triangles to imitate the teeth and spread the frosting underneath the teeth.

Ghost Cupcakes

Make a ghost cupcakes using white frosting or white cheese cream on the top of the cupcake, which you’ll decorate with M&M’s. Make it curly and leave it that way, or you can try and even the edges to get a smoothly shaped top. The choice is yours!

Spider Cupcakes

There’s an unlikely chance that you’ll ever taste a meal with the spider in it, but you can’t avoid adorable spider cupcakes! There is plenty of room to experiment with different elements. If you’re a beginner (or in a hurry), you can just through a spider web on the top of the cupcake. Use white frosting and a pastry cone to get it done accurately and without spilling.Halloween cupcake ideas

If you want to do something that will impress your guests, you can make spiders out of the chocolate sprinkles: put cream on the top of the cupcake and make it look like a spider’s body. Then add the sprinkles and cover the cream. Additionally, use thin slices of chocolate ganache (which you put in the freezer for a couple of hours!) to add the legs.

Witch Cupcakes

The quickest way to make a witch cupcake is to use an ice-cream cone colored in black. That’s the top of the witch hat, and for the details, use fondant. If you want to try something new and still reflect the witch design, you can work with witch silhouette, made with rubber stamps (make sure you leave the fondant to freeze overnight before you apply the seal).

These are just a few ideas to help you stir your imagination and start thinking about your perfect cupcake decoration. You can also check for some ideas on the Internet.