This year is the 20th Anniversay of the Festival


It seems hard to image a charity raising money for musicians. The media portrays every musician on the radio as making millions from records and song rights. Fans always hear about battles over royalties.

But, one group of artists who influenced all the others often remains unrecognized for their contribution to music. Blues musicians changed music introducing a style of rhythm, lyric and sounds that influenced Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton, and Van Halen. This vibrant and American music form influences artist everyday as Aerosmyth's latest recording "Honkin on Bobo" demonstrates the influence of blues of electric inventions of 1960's English bands.

Achieving more than hit songs it was blues music that broke the color barrier introducing African American culture into main stream America.  Unfortunately early blues musicians, often uneducated, were the first to learn the hard lessons of the music industry. Many willingly signed deals to earn a few hundred dollars to make a record, but signed away royalties and ownership of their songs. Leaving these artists with the ability to earn a living by playing live as someone else earned the royalties off of
their music. Yet some of these artists are in trouble as age and
illness makes it hard for them to earn a living.

In 1985 Bluesaid was founded to preserves the heritage and roots of American music by providing care for ailing blues musicians. Through Bluesaid theses artist receive proper care for terminal illness while their history and contributions to American music are documented and preserved.
Bluesaid is a project of the Sonny Boy Blues Society a 501 c 3 not for profit organization. 90% of the funds donated to Bluesaid are used to underwrite care, and when necessary final expenses for artists.

If every music fan gave a penny we in honor of their favorite song Bluesaid would be able to meet all it's current request for aid from artist.

To donate your penny: mail your donation to

233 Cherry Street,
Helena, Arkansas 72342

or call Bluesaid at 870-338-8798, or click here to donate.


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