Keeping the food fresh, saves you money and it is always awesome to eat the fresh food. Nobody wants to eat the spoiled food and rotten fruits at the festival.

So, keeping food fresh is an important issue and most people use wrong methods which lead them to complete wastage of time and money, plus they also get into the trouble of wasting the spoiled food if the quantity of the food is high.

On a festival, a lot a people might visit your home because this is the only time in the year when people enjoy the company of neighbors, friends, and family. So, you really don’t want to spoil this amazing occasion with the smelly rotted fruits.

Don’t worry about keeping the food fresh because we have compiled the top tips for keeping the food fresh at your coming festival.

Avoid Buying Extra Food

A big mistake which most of the people make is that they buy a lot of food at the festival without any estimation of quantity.

This might not be a tip for saving the food which you already bought but it is clearly a good save of money for those who are going to buy the food for the next festival.

Bananas and cherries are quick spoiling fruits, so you might want to care about such food items which have short spoiling period.

Buy Vacuum Sealed Dry Fruit

The spoilage period of dry fruits is very long, so it gives a big freedom to save them anywhere you want and they also occupy small space.

Dry fruits could be one of the great food eating items for your next festival. The vacuum sealers remove the oxygen from the storage while packing the fruits and this helps to keep the fruits fresh for a long period of time.

If you want to keep the food fresh with a vacuum sealer, check out this guide on how to Preserve food with a vacuum sealer.

No Fruits with Vegetables Anymore

People don’t know about this scientific fact that most of the fruits give off a special organic gas called ethylene, which is very destructive for the vegetables as they are sensitive to it. Apples and apricots are the examples of such fruits.

So, do not store these fruits with the vegetables otherwise you will spoil the veggies. Potato and onions can be stored in a dark place instead of putting them into the fridge. You must make sure to keep the tomatoes at room temperature.