Blue Apron promises to spice up things by providing a solution to the persistent question, “What will we have for dinner,” by giving clients appetizing ready-to-make meal kits. Since it is a subscription-based service, the service allows users to prepare restaurant quality foods at home. This blue apron review seeks to establish if indeed the service is as excellent as advertised. Do clients get value for their money? Do they get what they order, and are the cooked meals as tasty as the service provider promises? Read on. Read on.

Packaging and Delivery

According to one customer, the meals not only arrive in time but also smartly packaged in an attractive cardboard box lined with ice packs that keep the contents fresh till you are ready to prepare. So, when a client orders, say at 5 pm, and for some reasons delay to arrive, he or she still find the delivered and foods fresh. The service provider even vacuum seals some of the ingredients allowing customers up to two weeks to use them thus ensuring no dish goes to waste. Therefore, as far as timely delivery and packaging are concerned, the service lives up to its billing.


The quality spices and raw ingredients come with an easy-to-follow recipe complete with pictures, which accounts for most of the positive Blue Apron reviews online, and thus ensuring the meals look and taste as fantastic as they should. The components are precisely measured and portioned to ensure there is no waste. A customer does not have to use measuring devices to determine the quantities of the various ingredients an undertaking that creates room for errors. The company describes everything in a detailed recipe; from choosing the constituents to the procedures.

Nutritional contents

The calorie contents of all the recipes fall within the acceptable range; between 500 and 800 per meal, the amount health experts agree is healthy. However, due to varying sizes of portions, a user who would like to cut down on their fat or calorie intake should contact the company’s customer care representative for a more useful data. The recipe guide does not expressly include the nutritional content. As for an ordinary individual, the meals are adequately nutritious.


So, Is Blue Apron As Good As Advertised? Yes! The meals are nicely packaged, timely delivered and nutritious, faithful to the service provider’s promotion. The meals also come with detailed recipes. The fact customers get a wide variety of meals for the plans they opt for implies the company ensures the meals are amazingly yummy and hence value for money.