Holmes Brothers
The Holmes Brothers learned how to sing while growing up in the Tidewater region of Virginia. Like many musicians who grew up playing popular music, they were fairly omnivorous listeners, soaking up country msuci and blues and whatever else they heard. Their vocal style at times echoes the raw, headlong turor of gospel quartet singing; at other times, one of the three will sing lead, sounding like a prime soul singer, circa 1966. The band also slips easily into country songs like "Oakie From Muskogee."

"We do a lot of gospal and blues and country-and-western songs," said Wendell Holmes. "I call it Soul music because we play lots of different styles and the harmony making different in that mixing blues and gospel is kind of unique. "

The Holmes Brothers, Wendell Holmes on Guitar, Sherman Holmes on Bass and Popsy Dixon on drums, are available on Rounder Records.

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