The Staple Singers
Born in 1914 in Winona, Mississippi, Roebuck "Pops" Staples' earliest exposure to music came from a traditional, inspirational source: "The first music that I listened to was acapella singing in the churches. I was always into gospel right from a boy on up. I got into blues stuff after gospel, when I got to be 12, 13, 15 year old. I heard those guys singing the blues, and that's when I picked up the guitar and tried to learn how to play.

In 1991, Staples began more extensive touring as a solo artist. In 1992, The Staple Singers touring Europe and in 1993 they were among the highlights of both the Chicago Blues Festival and the Pointblank Borderline Blues Festival.

Now in his early 80's, Staples' musical vitality and busy schedule continue to amaze.

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