Leonard Watkins and Steve Ehrnst
Leonard Watkins (aka The Toolman) has been playing guitar for over twenty five years. Like many players he was first drawn to the electric guitar. After years of playing electric blues, the sounds of Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and other Delta Blues legends made a dramatic impact on Leonard's playing. He switched from electric to the acoustic of the Mississippi Delta. Using a 1932 National Steel guitar and a Craftsman 5/8 socket (acquiring the nickname "The Toolman) Leonard plays foot stomping slide guitar that captures the intensity of the early Delta players. Switching from his Naitonal to an acoustic guitar, he goes from the humorous "Oreo Cookie Blues" to the raw slide of "Dust My Broom" as well as his own originals, such as the crowd pleasing, "I'm Your Walmart Greeter". Although strongly influenced by the blues masters, Leonard expresses his own feelings. "I can only express myself, I can't express how Robert Johnson felt".

Steve Ehrnst acquired his nickname "Evo Stevo" due to his life long passion for Harley Davidson motorcycles and engine preference. Harleys are his second passion, the first is blues harmonica. Stevo began playing harmonica as a child, influenced and encouraged by his father. In his teens he discovered the music of blues legends such as Big Walter Horton, Lightnin' Hopkins, Sonny Terry and Sonny Boy Williamson II. While living in Chicago in his early twenties, Stevo took lessons from harmonica player, Bumblebee Bob with the Chicago Slim Blues Band, then immersed himself in the music of harmonica legend, Little Walter Jacobs. He then combines those influences into his own unique style. Stevo's playing is straight ahead blues and is evident in his show stopping instrumental "Stevo's Strut". Strutting through the crowd while playing "no holds barred harmonica", he gives the audience a taste of his showmanship.

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