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Full line of t-shirts, caps, and posters housed at Helena offices. 

Call (870) 338-8798 for information e-mail

Or order by sending a check or money order to 
KBBF, P.O. Box 118, Helena, AR 72342.
Include price of poster(s) listed below plus $2.50 postage.
(Be sure to indicate poster year wanted!)

T-Shirt Special !!!!
2000 Tie Dyed Shirt w/ 2000 Lineup
Size XL Only $15.00

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Posters - Posters - Posters

For Sale By Individual: Complete 16 year set of wood framed and matted KBBF posters 25 1/2 inches by 31 1/2 inches, all signed and numbered 9 /150  for sale for $2,850.00.  That includes the complete signed framed set. 
Contact Joe at

Limited Availability on older posters

We have signed and numbered posters from previous years. Please call and inquire about availability, price and numbers available.


         Year                      PRICE

        2001                                        $20.00 Each  

        1999, 2000                             $20.00 Each

      *1999 -  2001 Numbered       $25.00 Each

          5 or more                             $15.00 Each 

         1996 1998                            $30.00 Each

         *Signed & Numbered          $45.00 Each

          5 or more                               $25.00 Each                     

       1989 - 1994                               $45.00 Each

         *Signed & Numbered          $55.00 Each

          5 or more                               $40.00 Each 

*There are no discounts for signed & numbered posters

2001 Poster


Artist - Brian Ward - West Helena, AR


2000 Poster



"True Blue Frost" 

Artist - Brian Ward - West Helena, AR

1999 Poster

poster99.jpg (39829 bytes)

"Moody Blues"

Artist Mark Kendrick 

1998 Poster

poster98.jpg (84411 bytes)

Artist Cheryl Moore - West Helena

1997 Poster

poster97.jpg (22958 bytes)

Artist: Cristen Craven Barnard
 Tutwiler, Mississippi

1996 Poster

"October Blue"
Artist: Ratt Smith
 Helena, Arkansas

1995 Poster

"A Touch of Helena"
Artist: Joe Osgoode
 Oxford, Mississippi

1994 Poster

"A Blues Vision"
Artist: Johnny Grove
Helena, Arkansas

1993 Poster

"Catfish Pete"
Artist: Douglas MacNeil
from Arkansas

1992 Poster

"Sonny Boy III"
Artist: Jack Kerby
Helena, Arkansas

1991 Poster

"Sonny Boy II"
Artist: Jack Kerby
from Helena, Arkansas

1990 Poster

"Sonny Boy"
Artist: Jack Kerby
from Helena, Arkansas

1989 Poster

Artist: Larry Spakes
Helena, Arkansas

Out of Print Posters

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T-Shirts and Caps Call for styles & Prices

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