There is now a dating advice book that you can download as your personal how to become a man women want guide. And the most amazing thing about this dating advice book is it was written by a woman.

This is probably the only dating advice book ever written by a woman in which the author reveals all of the secrets to seducing women that any man will need.

This is a true how to become a man women want guide, not a hollow book of platitudes. This is a dating advice book for nice guys, and for authentic guides. This is a book about how to beat the jackasses and bad boys and how not to be one of the foolish men who try trickery and pick-up lines on women.

In fact, in this dating advice book, you will have revealed to you the four distinct differences between nice guys who are seductive and nice guys who are not. You will learn how to cultivate the four important traits and how to use your natural charm and kindness in order to take any woman away from any bad boy or jerk.

You will learn how to get a woman thinking about you day and night. It wont matter if you haven’t talked to her for days on end. Indeed, you will be able to create sexual tension in a completely non-threatening way on a date, so that you woman will not be able to stop thinking about you and will feel like she cant wait for another date and another and another.

You will also learn the all-important ability of being the one in control of all situations. You will be the one leading on every date, in all circumstances, whether or not the woman even knows it. (And if she does know it, she will find it sexy.) This one is one of the most closely guarded female behavioral secrets.

Marni K fearlessly reveals it for men to use. Keep in mind, this not about manipulation; its simply about asserting your true male nature in a non-violent way. Women secretly desire to be led by men, but without coercion. Datingsidor seems to be one of the best in the business when it comes to this.  Their dating tips go the distance in the love world.

Did you know that there are seven key things any man can do that virtually cannot fail to get a woman to be attracted to him no matter how inexperienced a man may be? Those keys are in this dating advice book.

As a matter of fact, in this dating advice book you will learn how to do what most men find impossible-get the women coming to you so that you don’t have to work at going out to meet them!

Yes, women are culturally (and even genetically) conditioned to wait for the man to approach them first, but you will learn how to structure your life in such a way that the women forget about that and make the first move.

Because it is written with total transparency and honesty by a woman, this dating advice book for men might be the most important and most effective one ever written. Don’t hesitate to check it out.

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